NeverTheLess - August 4, 2019

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NeverTheLess – August 4, 2019

Welcome To All, especially if you are visiting us today. We are delighted to have you here.  If you are visiting, we invite you to fill out a pew card and put it in the plate.

Vacation Bible School   Children Pre-K to 5th grade are invited to Vacation Bible School, which starts tomorrow,  August 5-8, 5:30-7:30 pm, here at St. James the Less. We will have dinner and enjoy songs, skits, art, and fellowship each night as we journey together through the question "Who is my neighbor?"  Thursday night, August 8th, is Parents’ Night – please plan to attend with your children!  Please see Carolina Lugo with questions.  Sign-up is available in the hallway, or on-line via our eblast and Facebook Events, or by calling the church office, 798.6336.

Father Rock’s Trip to Ghana   you’re invited to a “Potluck, with Pictures,” Sunday evening, August 11 at 6 pm, to learn about Father Rock’s recent pilgrimage to Ghana.  Ghana was one point on the Triangle Trade of slavery; the Dioceses of Virginia, Liverpool, and Ghana are working to turn that dark history into a Triangle of Hope.  Bring a favorite dish to share.  All are welcome.

Shrine Mont Parish Retreat   a sign-up sheet is in the hallway for the annual Parish Retreat at Shrine Mont, September 20-22.  Children 4-12 YO:  $50; Teens 13-High School Seniors: $75;  Adults, 18+:  $150.  You are not fully signed up until you have paid a 50% deposit.  Deposit is not refundable after August 20.  Scholarships are available; check with Father Rock+.  Stay tuned for programming notes!

Become an Ally with Circles Ashland!  Allies are community members who commit 4-10 hours a month to building an intentional friendship with a Circle Leader, someone who is working diligently to move out of poverty.  Each Circle Leader is matched with two allies for their two-year commitment in the program. As a group, allies will meet weekly for training/community-building August 15-Sept. 26th. Then allies attend meetings on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays each month (5:30-7:30 pm @ Duncan Memorial United Methodist Church, Ashland. Childcare and a meal are provided.)  To learn more or to apply, please contact Circles Ashland at 804-496-1212 or email Apply online at

Ashland Christian Emergency Center (ACES)   we have a bin in the hallway dedicated to donations to ACES; pinned up above the bin is a current list of items ACES folks need most.  Also, ACES is recruiting drivers for Hanover Senior Rides, a volunteer transportation program for seniors.  If you’d like to know more, call (804) 543.6115.

Hanover Safe Place   is asking for school supplies for the children of their clients.  There is a marked box in the hallway outside the office if you’d like to contribute.  Thank you for your generous hearts.

Coming Soon:

  • September 4:  Father Rock’s Book Group – “The Life of Pi”
  • September 8:  Parish Picnic
  • September 15:  Vestry Coffee Pot on Safety Protocols
  • September 20-22: Parish Retreat at Shrine Mont
  • September 29:  Stewardship Kick-off; Contemplative Service resumes
  • October 6:  Blessing of the Animals
  • October 13:  Bluegrass Mass resumes
  • November 3:  Stewardship Celebration Lunch
  • November 13: Celebration of New Ministry
  • November 23: Ashland Stew, Blue, and Brew Fest


PRAYER LIST – August 4, 2019 (people added this week are in italics)

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer:  Pray for the Members of Outreach/Mission committees and all those for whom they labor

Anglican Cycle of Prayer:  Pray for the Church of the Province of South East Asia The Most Rev. Ng Moon Hing - Archbishop of South East Asia & Bishop of West Malaysia

Metro Richmond Cycle of Prayer:  We pray for the workplaces and businesses of Metropolitan Richmond: For safe, respectful work environments, healthy work ethics and attitudes, and sufficient salary and benefits for all workers.  For owners and managers: for servant leadership, civic responsibility and ethical decision-making. 

For the repose of souls:  John Little

For those grieving:  Cami Stiles; Tara, Liza, and Johnny Little

For our parishioners requesting our prayers:  GUS Miller, PAT Funk, DICK Harman, ERIN Yagla, STEWART Dishman, DON Jones, JOANIE Burgoyne, ANNA Stiles, BILL Blakemore, MICHELE and JOHN Murphy; WILBUR Lawrence;  MARK FitzHugh; BOB Ellithorpe

For those serving in the diplomatic corps, the military, and as missionaries: KEMPER Jones, GREG Ericksen, MATTHEW Thomas, PHILIP Morison, JAMES Ashley, ANDREW Brunson

Relatives & Friends: ANNE MARIE Fisher (friend of the Jones family); WILL Holman (friend of the SJTL Parish); AUBREY Fletcher (friend of Ann and Wilbur Lawrence); TOM Slaughter (brother of Ann Lawrence); DAVID Willis (friend of the parish and the Ashland community); JAMIE Hopkins (brother of Ron Hopkins); DOREEN Welfel (sister of Dawn Stockbridge); DONNA Hoffman (friend of Ginny and Karl Meyer); JOYCE Burgess (friend of Ginny and Karl Meyer); DONNA Jerome Schumacher and her son, TRAVIS (friends of Margaret Rush); ERIN van Horne (friend of Marcia and Dale Hill); AMELIE (friend of Steve and Naomi Pace); CONSTANCE Geisenderfer (mother of Kathy Marshall); SUSAN Johnston (friend of the SJTL parish); CHRIS Duvall (friend of Doris Hassell); Rev. MARK Holland, St. Stephen’s Baptist (friend of Father Rock); LARRY Gilman (friend of Alice Cobb), MEREDITH Moon (mother of Cami Stiles); IAN McIntyre (family of Fran McConnell); BETSY Vogt (niece of Karl Meyer); AUSTIN Jolly (friend of Dale & Marcia Hill); JIM Barry (friend of Kimette Cannady); BILL Sherrod (friend of Cathy Bach-McElroy); DONNA Willson Womack (friend of Doris and Harry Hassell); ARCHIE Keys (friend of Ron Hopkins); JEANIE Thompson Miller (friend of Betty Moore); TROYE S. (friend of Hilarie Street Koch); ELIZABETH Attkisson (mother of Erin Cobb)

The altar flowers today are given by Joyce Blunt, in celebration of her birthday, and in loving memory of her mother, Geneva Blunt


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