NeverTheLess - June 10, 2018

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NeverTheLess – June 10, 2018




Welcome To All, especially if you are visiting us today. We are delighted to have you here.  If you are visiting, we invite you to fill out a pew card and put it in the plate.


Youth Sunday   As is our tradition, our High School Youth Group lead the worship at 10 am.  Our graduating seniors will deliver the homily; the whole group will bring you along on an exploration of their journey to near-adulthood; and our St. Cecilia Children's Choir will accompany them. 

Parish Picnic - to close out our regular year, we have our annual Summer Parish Picnic, immediately after 10 am worship.  Vestry provides the chicken and lemonade.  There is plenty of food; please stay and enjoy!    


Bluegrass Mass - the Vassar Family Singers conclude their season with us at 5 pm for the Bluegrass Mass.  A little preachin' and a whole bunch of beautiful music.  Bring a friend, all are welcome.     



Nursery Vacation    Loida, and her mother, Maria, who, together, oversee our nursery on Sunday mornings, will be taking a well-deserved vacation.  Please let Margaret know if you can help out with our youngest children on June 17, June 24, and July 1; we’ve got partial coverage for June 24 and July 1, but we really need at least 2 people in our nursery. 


Wanted - Warm Smiles and Hearty Handshakes    Summer is a great time to try on a new role in our Sunday mornings.  And ushering is an easy, yet vitally important, role to the smooth running of Sunday worship.  If you are interested, there is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board at Information Central, or contact Margaret in the office.  Take a week or 2, or a whole month. 



Poverty Simulation    Circles Ashland invites you to participate in an immersive poverty simulation to understand the reality that thousands of Ashland and Hanover County residents face each day, and be better prepared to change the systems that perpetuate poverty in our area.   Sunday, July 15, 4-7 pm; First Baptist Church; Register: 


Helping St. Anne's with CARITAS     St. Anne's will be hosting CARITAS June 9-23.  As we have done in the past, we will help them with our vans for their guests to shower and do laundry.  If you are able to help with driving or co-piloting of an evening, or 3, June 11-14 and/or June 18-21, there is a sign-up sheet on our bulletin board. Or, reach out to Court Warfield (227.3864) who is coordinating the drivers.  


Lunches for Kids    The YMCA is working to help disadvantaged children in our community get lunch during the summer weekdays.  If you can help for a day, or a week, or more, please

contact Janet Taylor, who is spearheading this vital community effort.  



The Work of the People   Sundays at 9 am, in the classroom in Brydon Hall, we bring you an Adult Formation class called The Work of the People.  This is a video curriculum about how we live into our faith in our daily lives.  Today is the final session.


Jane Austen   Bill Harrison is offering a reading group on the novels of Jane Austen and film adaptations of them.  Sponsored by the Hanover Arts and Activities Center, meetings will be Mondays, 7 - 9 pm, June 18 through August 20. Registration is $125 per person. Contact Sara Wright-Holloway at or 798-2728.


Vacation Bible School at Shiloh Baptist   Shiloh Baptist invites us to their Vacation Bible School, "Jesus Makes a Way Every Day."  June 19, 20, & 21, with dinner at 6 pm, devotions at 6:45 pm, and class from 7-8 pm.  (Our own VBS is August 13 - 16; details coming soon.) 


Bible Study   … also continues on Sundays, through the summer, at 8:45 am in the Rectory! Come join in the lively discussion there. 


PRAYER LIST – June 10, 2018

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer:  Pray for the clergy and congregations of All Souls – Atlee, Mechanicsville; Pohick, Lorton; Holy Comforter, Vienna


Anglican Cycle of Prayer:  PRAY for La Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico The Most Revd Francisco Moreno Presiding Bishop of La Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico & Bishop of Northern Mexico


Metro Richmond Cycle of Prayer:  We pray for the criminal justice system in Metropolitan Richmond: For the police, judges, lawyers and court personnel, correctional officers and institutions, juvenile detention facilities, and probation officers. 


For our parishioners requesting our prayers:  GUS Miller, PAT Funk, DICK Harman, HENRY Mayer, ERIN Yagla, STEWART Dishman, DON Jones, CHARLIE Thompson, NED Stiles, JOANIE Burgoyne, GAYELLEN Wagner, STEVE Pace, ANNA Stiles, MARY ANN Kinser, JULIE Ericksen


For those serving in the diplomatic corps, the military, and as missionaries: KEMPER Jones, GREG Ericksen, ROBERT Ham, MATTHEW Thomas, PHILIP Morison, JAMES Ashley, ANDREW Brunson, AUSTIN Price


Relatives & Friends: (people added this week are in italics) ANNE MARIE Fisher (friend of the Jones family); WILL Holman (friend of the SJTL Parish); JOHN Murphy (father of Erin Murphy); LYNN Forehand (cousin of Joyce Blunt); VICKI Snelgrave (cousin of Joyce Blunt); HAMILTON family (friends of the Roberts family); BETTY FAY Thomas (sister of Mary Lou Brown); JANET Cobb (sister of Jim Cobb); KATHERINE Anderson (friend of Katherine Tinker); WIL Lawrence (son of Ann & Wilbur Lawrence); DONNA Hoffman (friend of Karl and Ginny Meyer); PAM Whittaker (friend of Beth Markwood); SUSAN Adams (sister of Steve Pace); MARK Longaker; BILL Russell (friend of Margaret and Chris Belyea); RUTH Syman-May (friend of the SJTL parish); SAM Hulsey and Family (friends of Lula Hopkins); SAVANNAH Wood (friend of Beth Markwood); SHELBY; STEVE (family of Fran McConnell); MELANIE V. (friend of Ruth Savino); DUFF Green (brother of Melissa Hoar); AUBREY Fletcher (friend of Ann and Wilbur Lawrence); TOM Slaughter (brother of Ann Lawrence); KAREN Fetty (friend of Doris and Harry Hassell); BILL Turpin (friend of Teva Rittenhouse); DAVID Willis (friend of the parish and the Ashland community); CAMILLE Loya (friend of Aleta Meyer); DENISE Buxton (sister of Sylvia Spagna), MOLLY Harrison (daughter of Beth and Bill Harrison); KATHY Luten (family of Keith Redington); JACKIE Redington (family of Keith Redington); KIM Redington (family of Keith Redington); JAKLYN Redington (family of Keith Redington); KEN Perry (friend of Teva Rittenhouse); FLO Speidell (friend of the parish); FRAN Shareck (mother of Stephanie Shareck Werner); the Rev. JEN Kimball (friend of the Spagnas); JAMIE Hopkins (brother of Ron Hopkins); KEVIN Johnson (friend of Keith Redington); MELANIE Watkins (niece of Bobbie Street); CANDICE Worley (friend of Joanne & Lou Flanagan); STEPHEN Woods (friend of the Kinser and Meyer families);  GARY Michael Sanders (family of Tracy and Bob Hughes); JERRY Lee Pruitt, Jr. (friend of Rock Higgins), JANE MacManus (family of Barbara Olin); JONATHAN Smith (brother of Matt Smith); KATHERINE Ogburn (friend of Neale Smith); SCOTT Kern (friend of Neale Smith); RUTHIE Skinner (friend of Neale Smith); JAXIN “Judy” Wu (friend of Lyde Longaker), MARYEA McIntosh (friend of Stephanie Shareck Werner); NITA Taylor and OLETA Ledbetter (family of Richard and Janet Taylor); SUSAN Falbo (friend of Ginny and Karl Meyer)


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