NeverTheLess - November 18, 2018

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NeverTheLess – November 18, 2018



Welcome To All, especially if you are visiting us today. We are delighted to have you here.  If you are visiting, we invite you to fill out a pew card and put it in the plate.

Nametags … we have some new staff, and we’re seeing lots of new visitors.  Please wear your nametag to help the newer folks know who we all are; it is the easiest way to offer radical hospitality!  If you don’t have one, please let Margaret know – 798.6336.

Fourth Quarter: The Center for Elder Spirituality    The Fourth Quarter of our lives asks much of us – how will we use this time?  Please check out our new bulletin board in the hallway, where there are brief descriptions of our courses and activities.

HSYG Movie Invitation   TONIGHT!   In honor of the Pocahontas Reframed Native American Storytellers’ Film Festival at the Byrd Theatre this coming week-end, the youth group invites you to join them for a movie, popcorn and soda from 6-8pm tonight, November 18.  We will watch RUMBLE:  The Indians Who Rocked the World.  This documentary tells the story of a profound, essential, and, until now, missing chapter in the history of American music:  the Indigenous influence.  Bring any remaining Halloween candy to share!   For more information about the film festival, go to .

R-MC Interfaith Thanksgiving Service - Join the R-MC community in their annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, Monday November 19th at 7 pm in the Dalton Room of Birdsong Hall. This year’s theme is “Giving thanks for diversity” and the evening will include several readings, special music, and personal sharing about why members of our community value diversity.  Come and give thanks with your R-MC neighbors!

Stewardship Update:  As of Monday, November 12, we have received 69 pledges totaling $259,675.00  Thank you to everyone who has pledged so far.


Ashland Christian Emergency Center (ACES)   we have a bin in the hallway dedicated to donations to ACES; pinned up above the bin is a current list of items ACES folks need most.

PRAYER LIST – November 18, 2018

**Please take a moment to review the prayer list, and let Margaret know if your loved one needs to remain.  On December 2 (Advent 1), we will publish those names you have requested we continue to pray for.**  

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer:  Pray for the clergy and congregations of St. John's, Richmond; Christ Church, Cunningham Parish, Millwood; Fork Church, Doswell

Anglican Cycle of Prayer:  Pray for Bermuda (Extra-Provincial to Canterbury) Bermuda - (Bermuda) The Rt Revd Nicholas Dill

Metro Richmond Cycle of Prayer:  We pray for persons in financial need in Metropolitan Richmond: For healthy marriages; for constructive, safe, and caring households for the bringing up and nurturing of children and caring for the elderly

For our parishioners requesting our prayers:  GUS Miller, PAT Funk, DICK Harman, HENRY Mayer, ERIN Yagla, STEWART Dishman, DON Jones, JOANIE Burgoyne, GAYELLEN Wagner, STEVE Pace, ANNA Stiles, MARY ANN Kinser, BILL Blakemore, FAN Cox Etienne, the DAVIS-PENLAND Family

For those serving in the diplomatic corps, the military, and as missionaries: KEMPER Jones, GREG Ericksen, MATTHEW Thomas, PHILIP Morison, JAMES Ashley, ANDREW Brunson

Relatives & Friends: (people added this week are in italics) ANNE MARIE Fisher (friend of the Jones family); WILL Holman (friend of the SJTL Parish); JOHN Murphy (father of Erin Murphy); LYNN Forehand (cousin of Joyce Blunt); VICKI Snelgrave (cousin of Joyce Blunt); HAMILTON family (friends of the Roberts family); JANET Cobb (sister of Jim Cobb); KATHERINE Anderson (friend of Katherine Tinker); WIL Lawrence (son of Ann & Wilbur Lawrence); DONNA Hoffman (friend of Karl and Ginny Meyer); PAM Whittaker (friend of Beth Markwood); SUSAN Adams (sister of Steve Pace); MARK Longaker; BILL Russell (friend of Margaret and Chris Belyea); RUTH Syman-May (friend of the SJTL parish); SAM Hulsey and Family (friends of Lula Hopkins); SAVANNAH Wood (friend of Beth Markwood); SHELBY; STEVE (family of Fran McConnell); MELANIE V. (friend of Ruth Savino); AUBREY Fletcher (friend of Ann and Wilbur Lawrence); TOM Slaughter (brother of Ann Lawrence); DAVID Willis (friend of the parish and the Ashland community); CAMILLE Loya (friend of Aleta Meyer); MOLLY Harrison (daughter of Beth and Bill Harrison); the Rev. JEN Kimball (friend of the Spagnas); JAMIE Hopkins (brother of Ron Hopkins); KEVIN Johnson (friend of Keith Redington); MELANIE Watkins (niece of Bobbie Street); CANDICE Worley (friend of Joanne & Lou Flanagan); STEPHEN Woods (friend of the Kinser and Meyer families);  GARY Michael Sanders (family of Tracy and Bob Hughes); JERRY Lee Pruitt, Jr. (friend of Rock Higgins), JANE MacManus (family of Barbara Olin); JONATHAN Smith (brother of Matt Smith); RUTHIE Skinner (friend of Neale Smith); JAXIN “Judy” Wu (friend of Lyde Longaker), MARYEA McIntosh (friend of Stephanie Shareck Werner); NITA Taylor and OLETA Ledbetter (family of Richard and Janet Taylor); SUSAN Falbo (friend of Ginny and Karl Meyer); MONTENNA Thompson (friend of the HSYG); GAY LYNN Gagnon (cousin of Neale Smith); KATHERINE Leonard (friend of Miriam Smith); PHILLIP Burroughs (friend of Neale Smith); MAL Rogers (friend of Rock+); STEVE and RENEE Rennick (friends of Joanne and Lou Flanagan); EDDIE Taylor (family of Janet and Richard Taylor); MOE Rodriguez (friend of Keith Redington); GARY Hodges (family of Keith Redington); JOYCE Burgess (friend of Karl and Ginny Meyer), CINDY Schmitt (friend of the Meyer family), JACK (by Michele and John Murphy); PATTY Atkins-Smith (Miriam Smith’s mother); JANE and LEWIS Pollard (Calvary Episcopal friends); DOREEN Welfel (sister of Dawn Stockbridge); DONNA Jerome Schumacher and her son, TRAVIS (friends of Margaret Rush); DAVE Johnson and CARTER Lewis (Hanover County first responders); C Boykin (friend of Keith Redington)

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