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Secretariat - photo by Banamine -

The Christopher T. Chenery Fund and the Chenery Committee

The Christopher T. Chenery Fund was established in 1973 to honor Mr. Chenery, a former parishioner, and owner of horseracing’s triple crown winner, Secretariat. In his will, Mr. Chenery bequeathed a large sum of money to SJTL, which is now commonly known as The Chenery Fund.

Rather than use the funds for new buildings, physical improvements or additions, the Vestry chose to honor the legacy of Mr. Chenery by exercising Christian stewardship in the form of (1) special missionary and service projects that originate from SJTL or in which the church is directly involved and (2) educational events or projects which seek to deepen the Christian commitment and to aid in the spiritual growth of its participants. Though the language regarding guidelines for funding has been slightly modified over the years, the overall mission and “spirit” of the fund remains the same.

The Chenery Committee consists of nine (9) parishioners appointed by the Vestry and Rector, each serving a three-year term. The Committee meets approximately once per month and is responsible for receiving and reviewing requests for outreach assistance for the investment income generated from the fund.

The Committee makes recommendations to the Vestry to accept or reject a fund request, or to modify the amount. In recent years, a significant portion of the funds have supported our youth by providing opportunities for spiritual growth and mission-based service in our local community and beyond.

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Photo by Banamine © 2007.

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